2017—You’re on Notice!

Quite a few things have happened since I’ve last posted and I’m considering sharing a few “back log” entries from 2015 to 2017. Just a bit—Mainly highlights of the last two years.
 A few of those include:

  • My best friend’s surprise bridal shower in Hong Kong
  • Our family trip to Italy
  • My trip to Korea with friends
  • Our family trip to Vietnam
  • My progress with calligraphy (which I need to start doing again)
  • My growing obsession with Korean make up (and make up in general), no thanks to YouTube 😐
  • My other growing obsession with LUSH
  • My baking adventure and experiments thanks to my new little oven
  • Misadventures with Nox
  • Behind the scenes as Janeena’s personal assistant/minion

I’m actually excited to write more about that last topic—It’s like a sneak peek into how I help her out with her feed, how I feel #blessed with the swag she gets which I get borrow (or take without asking), and into what really goes behind the scenes in her shoots (lots of waiting), hosting gigs (must find the best seat with ample mobility for photos), and more! It’s going to be like Stage Sister 101, which I’m, maybe, THE best at. (No joke. I’ve been doing this for seventeen years!)

I’d also like to breathe new life into my Ten Terrific Things series! I’d like to share with you my discoveries on and offline—places to eat, things I obsess about, current events, things that make me happy… And hopefully, make you happy too! 😀

It’s Janeena who has actually been pushing me to revisit this dusty old blog again—Who knows how far this will go?

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