Hong Kong November 2013

It was a spur-of-the-moment, let’s-go-to-somewhere kind of a thing when we decided to purchase our plane tickets for Hong Kong. It was a country I’ve been to twice, prior to this trip— Once, when I was four, where I went with my parents, and the next with a large group of college friends back in 2010. We were 10 in the group and it was so much chaotic and fun!
This time around, the four of us packed our bags to go visit a friend, who’s currently studying in SCAD HK. This trip was filled with amazing experiences, including a highly exciting (but scary), non-documented trip to the hospital.

I would really love one of these things displayed in my kitchen.
Brad and Pau on an adventure.
Look Up. Taken at Causeway Bay.
This was an amazing experience—We were first in line to Ocean Park that day and the four of us mad-rushed to the Thrill Mountain to get our butts on Hair Raiser— Ocean Park’s floorless rollercoaster suspended above the South China Sea. This was us in a practically empty ride, with zero expectations having never seen it in action before. We rode it twice.
The Monocle Shop at Star Street.
I’ve also noticed a large amount of alpaca themed items for sale during the trip.
Amazing majestic Tim Ho Wan pork buns! I cannot wait for the Philippines branch to open its doors in April of this year. This was QUITE the treat! It’s powder-y and crispy on the outside and the moment you bite, the warm savory pork is simply heavenly.
Thanks for bringing us here, Meggy! After this we went to this fantastic place where they sold art supplies and cute stationery and stickers and fun paper. I had too much fun hoarding calligraphy supplies, copic markers, sketch pads, stickers and stamps to take photos. 😮 I better make a reminder to ask Meggy where (and what) that place is again!
It’s not a trip to Hong Kong without stopping by Ah Meow Cat Café (阿貓地攤). <3
It’s at Level 3, 2-6 Foo Ming St., Po Ming Building, Causeway Bay.
The view from the Murray House at Stanley.
Brad actually won a beer drinking competition and got interviewed by a local network!
Our first experience with Butao (Universal Noodle) or Ramen Nagi as it is called in the Philippines.
The space was incredibly small. Maybe that’s why the queue was long outside.
We were fortunate enough to spy this Japanese street performer in the streets of Causeway Bay.
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