Birthday Weekend Part 1

March 15, 2014 was quite a fun day! Chabeli and I both got our Saturdays off from our out of town shoot at Anvaya (Wednesday to Friday) so I get to enjoy a full weekend to celebrate with family and friends.
First stop was Kimukatsu at Shangri-la East Wing. Their specialty is 25 layers of thinly sliced pork stacked together covered with fresh breadcrumbs. Their kimukatsu sets come in different flavors- plain, black pepper, garlic, cheese, negi shio (spring onion), yuzu kosho (yuzu fruits and green chilli pepper), and ume shisho (Japanese sour plum and shio leaf). Nox and I decided to try out the plain and black pepper flavors for our first foray. Couldn’t wait to try out the more exotic flavors next time!
All kimukatsu’s come with a rice set which includes unlimited rice, red or white miso soup, cabbage and Japanese pickles. The red miso soup has a stronger tangy taste to it than the white (which was your standard miso). Nox preferred the red while I still liked the white best.
I love the modern asian interiors—Especially that printed woodblock accent wall! I couldn’t tell if the image was directly printed or stickered on though. I’ll try sitting there next time.

I always love crushing the sesame seeds to be mixed with the katsu sauce. Its smell is so earthily good!
25 layers of goodness!
After a bit of strolling around (buying a novel and a graphing notebook for my calligraphy), we stopped by
Morelli’s Gelato for dessert. I believe Morelli’s has been around for a few years already but it was only
then when we decided to give it a shot.
And boy, was it great.
Chocolate and strawberry goodness! It was so good that we had another round of Morelli’s last night at Rockwell—chocolate and coffee this time.
And then we’re off for a nice, relaxing dinner with friends at Lola Restobar at Sct. Lozano., near Tomas Morato.
(Thanks for ordering the wine, Shanti!)
And finally, we all headed to Centerstage to sing our hearts out for my birthday salubong.
It was a seriously fun night. There were videos to prove it.

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