Birthday Weekend Part 2

All it took was one suggestion and the next thing we knew, my sister was running back up from the car, grabbing scarves and jackets, and we were on our way to Tagaytay! With no absolute plan in mind, we managed to find our way to The Inn at The Cliffhouse Tagaytay. It was someplace we’ve always passed whenever we go there but never seemed to get a chance to stop by.
Were we glad that this (impromptu) opportunity came up!

Look at the gorgeous view! Too bad it was a bit hazy when we got there at around 5pm, but at least we were able to catch the last hour of daylight considering we left Manila close to 4 in the afternoon!

Ngawww :3
I really liked the signage outside Lunchbox. I’ll try this next time!
2-flavored pizza at Buon Giorno.
Free panna cotta for me!
There was also a lovely full moon that night, making it all the more magical.
Hmm… now that I think about it, I’ve always had a thing for the moon since I was a kid. I still remember the first time I saw it all HUGE and bright and yellow—amazed at how different it looked from all the other times I saw it up in the night sky, and thought it was the best thing ever. Presently, we have a tall window (which I love) by our staircase that perfectly frames the moon whenever it’s full.
Hooray for pretty sparklers!

Hooray for cake! No, I wasn’t able to get the New York Chocolate Chip Brown Cookie Dough Cheesecake from Chelsea’s—but this Oreo Cheesecake will do nicely.
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