Taipei April 2014 Part Two

That was quite a hiatus in between this 3-parter post. My apologies—Work and life got a bit hectic. Actually, it still is. But I’ve been putting my updates on the back burner for faaar too long. So without further ado, might I, after a more than a month, present Taipei Part Two! 😀

On our way to Yong Kang St., we passed by THE original Din Tai Fung. This was actually the first ever branch that opened and its fame was absolutely palpable. Just look at that queue!

I couldn’t resist taking photos of cats… and giraffes. I love how the mural integrates with the street sign.

KITTEH! There were a few gorgeously fat cats roaming around this pet supplies store we checked out.

See the milktea I’m holding? That’s Fiftea (50嵐)—Taipei’s number one milk tea place. At least, I think it’s number one. And I couldn’t believe they actually have branches here in the Philippines! I’ve got to try them out soon. Their Fong Ming Nai Cha tastes wonderful—AND they have small-sized bubbles instead of your standard-sized pearl globs which I positively LOVE.

The one thing striking about Yong Kang Street is that it’s filled with quirky boutiques, specialty stores and super cozy brunch/pastry/tea shops.

Here’s mom deciding where we’re eating lunch.

We stumbled upon this adorable pastry and tea store called KiGive—

They lured us in with a free taste of their tea. I found it too strong though.

Check out their amazing packaging design!

We ended up dining at Duke Rabbit Cafe—Taiwan is really, really big on their Western-inspired coffee shops and bistros.

Um. Yeah. I had the Duke of Classic American Brunch and I felt a teeny bit of regret. It was sub-par in terms of…

well, everything—especially for its price. It cost 280 TWD which is roughly 420 PHP.

At least the Baked Vegetables Potato Pasta (270 TWD) and the Calpis Cranberry Smoothie (160 TWD) were good.

I regret not buying this piece of heaven. 🙁

Taipei is nuts for Hello Kitty! I might just do a post compiling all the Hello Kitty things I’ve seen on this trip.

The ones above are Hello Kitty-shaped pineapple cakes. O_O

FREE!! This totally worked for us. It lured us into the shop. They made us try a butt load of stuff (several variations of pineapple cake, mooncake, bread, tea). We wound up buying the items on the sign. Mmmm. I don’t remember what it was called, but it was like a flat hopia with different kinds of filling.

On the way to Eslite Bookstore, Xinyi District.

Now—Let me apologise for not taking much photos of the inside of this gloriously magnificent bookworm’s shrine. It took an aggravatingly loooong time for us to reach our destination (Mostly my fault. I have this problem of refusing to ask directions, you see. ): They say it’s pride. Or something. 😐 ) and when we finally got to Eslite, I was totally blown away by its MASSIVENESS that I forgot to take photos.

I made a beeline to the design section and they have about 5 shelves dedicated to the craft. I wanted to hug all the books and stay there foreverrrr.

If I were to come back to Taipei anytime soon, I will need to dedicated one whole day just to go through this wonderful bookstore cum lifestyle store. The building itself its eight storeys tall and the bookstore itself encompasses the second, third and fourth floors. Other floors carry a children’s discovery museum, the design and living section, restaurants, snacks and designer items.

Some items found in the lifestyle area of Eslite: Peanut thingies!! I don’t remember what purpose these serve.

Here’s another food item with some kick-ass packaging design! This actually won a Red Dot Award. We bought the Wasabi flavor one for ourselves to try; and let me tell you—It’s like munching on actual wasabi! My mouth and nose felt like they were on fire when I first bit into the square flaky pastry. It absolutely felt like the real thing.

Now I wonder what the other flavors taste like. A pity we only bought a box for ourselves.

Spotted in Eslite’s lobby: These bold and beautiful roses in their super modern vases are to die for.

Aren’t these gorgeous?!

Daan District—I wish I could’ve spent more time here. It feels like a very hip and dynamic place to be in Taipei.

You see that tall building to the left? That’s seven floors of restaurants and café’s!

(With an Apple Store on the ground level to boot.)

I told you Taiwan’s nuts about Hello Kitty.

They’re also very much into themed restaurants. THIS was where we chose to have dinner—The Barbie Café.

Honestly, I enjoyed it! Though not as much as my sister did, but the experience was one-of-a-kind.

It really felt like you were dining inside Barbie’s Dreamhouse! Everything was dripping pink. The chairs even had

glittery pink ruffled skirts on them!

Barbie was actually a big part of our childhood as my sister used to model for Barbie Kids clothing

here in the Philippines in the late 90’s to the early 00’s.

Someone’s giddy!

This is what they call the Jewel Box—hollowed out square bread, filled with seafood and veggies

soaking in some cream-based sauce.

I used to want to be a fashion designer because of Barbie. Check out this seriously posh wall mural!

Mother—The Ultimate Barbie! (And her look-a-like behind her) We couldn’t get enough of how close their hairstyles were!

I shall end part two with a 7-11 find—Giraffecake!!

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