Taipei April 2014 Part Four

The last leg of our quick Taiwan getaway was right at our hotel’s backyard—Ximending. This colorful, bustling, urban maze was such a delight to get lost in. Ten out of ten, would definitely come back just to be able to see everything as the five or so hours we had in this district was too few!

As this was our final stop before heading to the airport, most of the NTD we had went to food, souvenirs, and more food! There were so many novelty themed restaurants there we would have loved to try if time permitted.

And now, finally—nineteen months since the actual trip, here’s part four of our Taipei adventure!

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Cooling off, after our zoo escapade with green tea ice-cream.

It took roughly an hour to get from the Taipei Zoo back to Ximending.

cilantro, ximending, noodles, ah zong la mian, ah zong mien xian

Hello, my dear friend. Cilantro—the answer everything.

cilantro, ximending, noodles, ah zong la mian, ah zong mien xian

Trying out the famed Ah Zhong Mian Xian.

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wufenpu, women's market, taiwan, taipei

scallion pancakes, taipei, taiwan, street food, cilantro

Scallion pancakes!! Mmmm.

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themed restaurants, taiwan, taipei, aquarium restaurant, ximending

I spy an aquarium themed restaurant!

taiwan, taipei, ximending, street market, fashion stores

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Risotto the dog—in his very own restaurant.

Taipei is actually all about the queues. As long as there’s a queue—guaranteed, it’s good. THIS particular line stretched alllllllll the way into the next street. When we saw the end of the line, we all thought some gosh-awesome amazing food awaited us up front. Turns out, Nike was launching a new pair of kicks.

I was really intent on looking for Sophisca—this little store that sells all sorts of wacky, weird candies and sweets.

Want to munch on band-aids? Syringes? Points to you if you can make out the boxes on the far left shelf. Heh.

There are chocolates in those tiny boxes. I bought one that represented each person in my circle of friends as souvenirs. It adds a super cool personal touch!

A Sweet Place For Sweet Hearts Candy Store—No. 26, Section 2, Wuchang St. FIND IT!

*contemplating food*

Exploring cultural landmarks on our way back to the hotel to grab our luggage. I absolutely would have loved to spend more time in here as this is Taipei’s creative and cultural center. Here they have craft markets, performances, lantern festivals, and more!

I also wouldn’t have thought that there were actual shops and design/craft studios inside the Red House Theater! All these creative and talented people in a culturally significant structure is what dreams are made of. Can you see the railings above? There’s a whole other floor up there and a really cute café. Alas, our camera died a few shots into the ground floor. You just have to see it for yourself!

Kitch and quirk.

Have any of you guys been to Ximending? How did you like it? Were you able to go inside the Red House Theater? Comment down below if you have anything to share!

Going to Hong Kong by the end of November! Hopefully my posts won’t take 20 months to write this time around.

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