Anniversary Celebration

I had such a great time last Feburary 8, when Nox and I celebrated our 5th anniversary together! YAY. I won’t elaborate as much and would let the photos speak for themselves but man, that Spiral at Sofitel was definitely worth it.
We also had a quick (a bit late) lunch at Lola Cafe + Bar of Dynamite ( Deep-fried green chill fingers and cheese with salsa dip) and Fish and Chips (Three pieces beer batter fish and homemade tartar sause). We deliberately ate lightly for lunch as we had a spa appointment right after. Then it was off to stuff ourselves (daintily).
I’ve also been dabbling at pointed pen calligraphy lately (and a bit of water-colour as well). For more about calligraphy, visit The Curious Calligrapher! They have a wealth of information for beginners and the calligraphy circle is very, very friendly. 🙂

Lola Cafe + Bar’s interiors.
Dramatic silhouette shot of Nox by the bay.
Dramatic silhouette shot of me by the bay!

They had a candle-lighting ceremony in the main lobby of Sofitel with four dancers.
Look! It’s the award our office designed for MBKRS 2012! Kko and Kenneth were the lead designers here. Woo!
OH. OH. Oh. The chocolates on the upper right were ABSOLUTELY heavenly. It’s chocolatey and surprisingly citrusy! I love it to bits.
Love you! 😉
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