Calligraphy Through the Years

Wow—What a ride! I started dabbling in brush calligraphy almost three four years ago. I’ve mostly self-studied—I practiced, toiled, researched, bought books, copied, bought materials, experimented, tried, failed, practiced some more. I’ve also joined around three (or two?) workshops just to make sure I’m on the right path and not doing anything that harms my hands/posture/muscle memory in the long run.


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Taipei April 2014 Part Four

The last leg of our quick Taiwan getaway was right at our hotel’s backyard—Ximending. This colorful, bustling, urban maze was such a delight to get lost in. Ten out of ten, would definitely come back just to be able to see everything as the five or so hours we had in this district was too few!

As this was our final stop before heading to the airport, most of the NTD we had went to food, souvenirs, and more food! There were so many novelty themed restaurants there we would have loved to try if time permitted.

And now, finally—nineteen months since the actual trip, here’s part four of our Taipei adventure!

ice cream, taiwan, street market, ximending, matcha, green tea, nail polish

Cooling off, after our zoo escapade with green tea ice-cream.

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Taipei April 2014 Part Three

I decided to split our final day in Taipei into two posts—This part will be about our unplanned Zoo adventure and part four will be about our last few hours spent in Ximending.

To be perfectly honest, I plan like crazy before going for a trip and that meant matrices, schedules, screenshots, pre-loaded maps, pages of research and notes all nicely printed out and stapled and ready to be referenced. Call me the prepared Adventurer. (Haha.)

Exhibit A


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100 Days.

It has exactly been 100 days since my Dad passed away and not a day has gone by that I haven’t thought about him. It’s been hard to continue writing and updating during the first few months after his passing and I’ve decided to postpone it until today. 100 days after the death of a loved one means many different things to different religions—Some believed that the spirits are reborn after 3, 21, 49 or 100 days (or 7 years, even); some say that the family is in a state of sadness and mourning for 100 days after the burial or death.

Whatever the case may be, if felt right to come back to this today. Besides, I got my documentation streak from Dad (he has stacks and stacks of video tapes of us somewhere in the house!) and I couldn’t just stop writing and capturing moments and adventures.

I wrote this that night, in a flurry of tears and shallow breaths—I wanted to exhaust myself to sleep, hoping, wishing, praying that it was all a very, very bad, horrible, terrible dream. I thought I’d have a chance to read it during his wake but I never got to. Oddly, it didn’t feel right at the time.

To be honest, I don’t quite know what to say anymore… I guess, if you’re reading this, kindly send a thought or a prayer to my Dad.

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