Inspiration – Exposed Bulbs

I dream about designing my own home, one day— Even as a child, I was quite frankly, obsessed with floor plans. I used to scavenge for those real estate flyers around the house and pour over the itsy bitsy floor plans, imagining what it would be like if I lived there. I would daydream and sketch out my own version where I re-arranged all the plan-view furniture to suit my tastes.

I probably have some of those drawings stuck in a drawer somewhere.

Amazing how eventually, after all those years, I managed to land a job that had me designing those real estate flyers for a time! But now, instead of just imagining what my furniture could be like, I could actually go out there and get them if I want to! One of those pieces will definitely be a handful of exposed bulbs.

bulbs, exposed bulbs, pottery barn
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