How I Spent the First Day of 2018

Sofitel Manila’s Spiral has always been a special place for me to celebrate milestones and special occasions. It’s actually one of those few buffet places where the top-notch quality and unique gastronomical and sensorial experience actually justifies the price!

Welcoming 2018, they had a special New Year’s Brunch with live music and free-flowing French sparkling wine on top of the 21 dining ateliers (including the famed temperature controlled Cheese Room) from 12nn to 3pm for P4,215 net per person. Since my sister hosted their amazing New Year Countdown the night before, our group was treated to this amazing experience as well! Thanks, Janeena!!

Dinner the night before (December 31) was fantastic—Food was endless and taste was as usual, amazing. However, through no fault of Spiral, as it was understandable, there were some items that made a repeat during the brunch. (I mean, how can you not repeat the fresh lobster and the variety of pastries?) It was great though, because I got to sample more of their other offerings.

Spiral Sofitel Buffet

Every time I have the pleasure of dining here, there’s always something new! Last time (I believe it was Mother’s Day of 2017), they had a “smoked” sushi area where they condensed wood-y smoke into your sushi and it absorbed the flavor into the fresh fish. The whole set-up looked very laboratory-esq!

This is a section I normally skip during buffets but since it’s New Year’s Day, we gotta have some noodles for long life! 😉 It’s a choose-your-own toppings kind of deal where the chef submerges it into the  boiling soup of your choice. Then it’s up to you to add your own garnishes—I piled on a lot of fried shallots and green onions.

I was pleasantly surprised with their current Japanese spread—I’ve never seen a lot of these items before and trying them out was quite an adventure! The curly yellow slices were my favorite, and unfortunately, I have no clue what they are. It was spongy and sweet. I’m not sure if it has egg in it but it almost tasted like a cake with a fish-cakey texture. I also loved the texture of the thin rectangular seaweed cakes below the yellow ‘cakes’—It’s like biting into micro bubble wrap. Haha! If anyone can enlighten me what these items are called, please let me know down in the comments section. I’d very much appreciate it!

Oh, yessss.

Hello, my friends.

Free-flowing champagne, cocktails, wine, and juice was available throughout this brunch. It was a happy new year, indeed! We were originally given a different seat—The couch area where we were ALWAYS seated during past Spiral lunches and dinners, and we were getting tired of the same photos every time. So I requested a change and they offered the veranda area. It wasn’t as cold as inside but the natural daylight was amazing for photos!

What brunch isn’t complete without mimosas? 😉

2018! In chocolate!

Have a roaring new year! Check out that brontosaurus munching on some parsley.

We cannot get enough of this chocolate-covered gingerbread cookie! It was super chewy and tasted like Christmas.

I got the cheesecake with the one fresh blackberry 😉 I may be wrong but I think this was my first time tasting one, actually!


Look at all these happy faces! Our tummies are extremely happy as well.

It was most definitely great start to 2018—The year where change will happen the most. For me, at least. There’s a few more months left before I get married to the most wonderful man! But it all feels bittersweet, having to leave my mom and sis, and I try not to think about it so much.

Here’s to creating lasting memories, and spending quality time with the people near and dear to you! Happy 2018, everyone!

Find out what we did after our brunch and after checking out in the next post!

All photos were taken with the Fujifilm XA2 with either the 50mm prime lens or the 16-50mm kit lens.

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