Birthday Weekend Part 2

All it took was one suggestion and the next thing we knew, my sister was running back up from the car, grabbing scarves and jackets, and we were on our way to Tagaytay! With no absolute plan in mind, we managed to find our way to The Inn at The Cliffhouse Tagaytay. It was someplace we’ve always passed whenever we go there but never seemed to get a chance to stop by.
Were we glad that this (impromptu) opportunity came up!
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Birthday Weekend Part 1

March 15, 2014 was quite a fun day! Chabeli and I both got our Saturdays off from our out of town shoot at Anvaya (Wednesday to Friday) so I get to enjoy a full weekend to celebrate with family and friends.
First stop was Kimukatsu at Shangri-la East Wing. Their specialty is 25 layers of thinly sliced pork stacked together covered with fresh breadcrumbs. Their kimukatsu sets come in different flavors- plain, black pepper, garlic, cheese, negi shio (spring onion), yuzu kosho (yuzu fruits and green chilli pepper), and ume shisho (Japanese sour plum and shio leaf). Nox and I decided to try out the plain and black pepper flavors for our first foray. Couldn’t wait to try out the more exotic flavors next time!
All kimukatsu’s come with a rice set which includes unlimited rice, red or white miso soup, cabbage and Japanese pickles. The red miso soup has a stronger tangy taste to it than the white (which was your standard miso). Nox preferred the red while I still liked the white best.
I love the modern asian interiors—Especially that printed woodblock accent wall! I couldn’t tell if the image was directly printed or stickered on though. I’ll try sitting there next time.
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Anvaya Cove Behind the Scenes

Just to be clear, when I say I go to shoots, I’m never in front of the camera (except to act as a stand-in for blocking).
My sister already has the modelling side spectacularly covered! I’m usually found behind the camera, art directing or buzzing around the location or telling our actual models what to do.
Last week, we spent 3 days and 2 nights over at Anvaya Cove shooting for their image bank and video.
Chabeli and I worked with Elle Decoration photographer, At Maculangan, Cinemaworks, Hexacam Media and our production and wardrobe stylists, Marta Lovina and Martin Masado—There were some bumps along the way, but overall, it was a blast working with everybody!
Chabeli in profile.
At in his element.
Coco’s alternate career.
We all had to do a little climbing for this one.

Cinemaworks’ awesome crew! Love working with these guys.


Hexacam guys with their awesome helicam!
Last shot!
There’s a different kind of thrill (paranoia and jitters) right before and right after a shoot.
I’m still deciding if I like the feeling. Hahaha! Oh, how I wish we get a chance to take a dive in one of Anvaya’s lovely pools one day! I keep thinking about the bubbling jacuzzi-type pool.

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10 Terrific Things – Birthday Edition!

My twenty-fourth birthday is just around the corner and I couldn’t help but jump for joy at the amount of interesting things happening during that weekend! Last year was a day well-spent with breakfast food, ramen, board games and a lovely night at Art in the Park. This year, I seem to have even MORE events (not to mention brunch places) to choose from! But of course, as with all birthdays, let’s start with cake:

1. New York Chocolate Chip Brown Cookie Dough Cheesecake
I first spotted this gem of a cake as I was exiting Chelsea Market Cafe in Serendra from a meeting. I had to do a double-take after passing the pastry display to snap this quick photo for future reference.  LOOK AT IT. Look at the gooey, chewy little chocolate chip cookies peppering the top of that cheesecake! I could just imagine sinking my teeth into that gooey perfection. *insert sigh of happiness* This cake was featured in Spot’s Top 10 Cheesecakes in Manila which it no doubt deserves—Can’t wait to try it out!

2. Type Kita Exhibit
Eeep! I am beyond excited to pop by 10a Alabama (Quezon City) for the Type Kita Exhibit! Type Kita is a typography exhibit featuring the country’s top calligraphers, artists, letterers, and typographers. It’s a 2-day event for the benefit of Yolanda survivors from March 15-16 with an entrance fee of P50 pesos. 
Designer friends, come with me!!! I need people to get giddy with about kerning and letters. I’m also super thrilled that Fozzy will be there for a casual calligraphy session—I’m in dire need of professional tips to keep me on the right track. 
Here’s a list of their activities for day 1 (March 15) and day 2 (March 16). See you there!

3. Pasinaya 2014
Pasinaya goes the extra mile as it celebrates its 10th year anniversary on March 16 with an even wider range of art 
and culture activities! It’s a pay what you can and see all you can even—with a suggested donation price of P50. 
There will be a host of activities and performances simultaneously happening in CCP 
starting from 7:30 in the morning until 6 in the evening. 
On top of THAT, there will be Pasinaya Art Jeepneys plying the streets of Intramuros bringing you to participating museums and galleries. (National Museum, Bahay Tsinoy, 1335 Mabini, The Metropolitan Museum of Manila, 
San Agustin Museum and the Museo Pambata) You can go museum-hopping to your heart’s content 
with no additional charge! 
Go check out their performance schedules right here, register online here.

4. Intramuros Pasyal Sunday Street Fair
And since we’re already ‘in’ Intramuros, here’s another event happening there! Viva Manila’s project, Pasyal Sunday is a car-free event featuring artisans, performers and businesses along General Luna Street, Intramuros from 3-9pm. The theme on the 16th is “Speak Out” where there will be workshops (Kiddie archeology workshop!), performances and an open poetry slam. 

5.  B& P Just Like Home
I’m a sucker for breakfast food. Their pancakes look sooo good! They also serve their drinks in lovely mason jars.

6. Early Bird Breakfast Club
The first time I tried Early Bird Breakfast Club was during my birthday last year and I don’t see myself saying no to another round for this year. 😉 That Katcino (Katsudon+Tocino mashup) pictured up there is definitely 
something I’d like to try.

7. Stacy’s  
OH—the decor just makes me itch to put on an extra girly dress and hug all the puppies in the world. I was told that the milkshake here is one of the best. 

8. Hatch 22
Hatch 22 is one of the best breakfast places I’ve ever dined in. I love the bakery by the front door and the bar that runs along it’s side. Nox and I had a nice brunch last January and we had all praises for the food we had. Those Not Your Ordinary Benedicts were sooooo yummy.

9. Revlon Matte 003 (Mauve It Over)
I super love my Revlon Matte 003 lipstick—and I’m running out of it fast. D: I’m not sure why but most Revlon booths and shelves I look at don’t seem to carry it. Resulting in me, asking people going abroad if they could pick one up for me if they find it. (Changi Airport, Singapore, specifically.) Help me out?

10. Nail Art
1- Minion nails | 2- Nails to an Ateneo Basketball game 
(I was so damn proud of being able to replicate this on my right hand) | 3- Panda Nail Art | 4- Dalek Nails
And last but certainly not the least—Nail art! Back in college, I was a bit… over the moon with my nail art designs.
 I had Despicable Me Minion nails before they were cool. Once, I had painstakingly embellished my nails with tiny silver beads that now look like daleks to me. More recently (a year ago), I had a fun and friendly nail art competition with an officemate with ‘Animals’ as a theme—I ended up with 10 little panda friends, while she told a story 
of a mouse and its cheese. 
Now I wonder what I’ll come up with for my birthday. The possibilities are endless!
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