How I Spent the First Day of 2018

Sofitel Manila’s Spiral has always been a special place for me to celebrate milestones and special occasions. It’s actually one of those few buffet places where the top-notch quality and unique gastronomical and sensorial experience actually justifies the price!

Welcoming 2018, they had a special New Year’s Brunch with live music and free-flowing French sparkling wine on top of the 21 dining ateliers (including the famed temperature controlled Cheese Room) from 12nn to 3pm for P4,215 net per person. Since my sister hosted their amazing New Year Countdown the night before, our group was treated to this amazing experience as well! Thanks, Janeena!!

Dinner the night before (December 31) was fantastic—Food was endless and taste was as usual, amazing. However, through no fault of Spiral, as it was understandable, there were some items that made a repeat during the brunch. (I mean, how can you not repeat the fresh lobster and the variety of pastries?) It was great though, because I got to sample more of their other offerings.

Spiral Sofitel Buffet

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To the South We Go!

 Alabang was the destination of choice for our Valentine’s Date this year and we really had no set plan except for dinner at Le Petit Cheri in Molito. Suffice it to say, we super enjoyed winging it. We ended up driving past a branch of Project Pie, making the snap decision go and scarf down an artisan pizza, going to the supermarket next door and ended up buying my cat a new collar, and finally, going to Molito where we both tried out the Magum Gold?! and deposited ourselves at Le Petit Cheri for some French fare. 
We also wanted to hit Magnum Opus if we had the chance (because, TARDIS) but unfortunately, I think we spent too much time in the supermarket. I really want to go back to Alabang and try out all the food places in Aguirre Avenue! It’s a shame we don’t journey South more often—I’ll see to it that we change that.
Project Pie is my personal slice of heaven. You get to choose your pizza, out of 6 customisable bases, (285php) and add all the toppings you could want for no added cost! The pizza people behind the counter strongly advised us not up everything on it. She was particularly adamant about it going, “Sir, no. No. Just don’t. Please don’t.” when Nox asked if anyone has ordered it already. Then her colleague by the meat toppings station chimed in with a reasonable explanation—it will be hard to have your pizza cooked through-and-through if you put everything on top. He said it’ll be like eating raw food. 😐
However, he did say we could have all the topping IF we only put a smidge of everything so that the pizza still looks like a pizza (not a small mountain of toppings) and it cooks evenly.
They sell Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay in itty bitty bottles for 280 php!
View from the second floor.
Tada!! We chose pizza # 6 (grilled chicken, sliced red onion, cilantro, mozzarella, gorgonzola, bbq sause) with parmesan, pepperoni, italian sausage, crumbled meatballs, Canadian bacon, proscuitto, caramelized onions, fresh mushrooms, rosemary, artichokes and black olives. Well that was a mouthful of toppings!
Remember what I said about exposed bulbs? These are simply gorgeous.
Spotted: My friend’s logo at the ground floor of South Supermarket.
You should try My Little Buttercup’s cupcakes and cookies if you get the chance. It’s really amazing.
We arrived at Molito pretty early for dinner but a bit late go head to Magnum Opus so we just walked around and bought ourselves some Magnum Gold before dinner. (Magnum instead of Magnum!) (Dessert before dinner!)
This gorgeous salad from Le Petit Cheri is called the Salad de la Mer. It had seared peppered tuna, smoked salmon and buttered shrimps in it.
We were a couple of happy (and full!) campers after our dinner. We headed back to Manila around 8:45 in the evening to catch up with friends in time for the 10 pm screening of the Lego Movie.
Imagine our surprise when we reached Greenhills in FIFTEEN MINUTES from the Skyway somewhere along Bicutan. The Traffic Gods were kind to us that night. It took longer finding parking that to traverse three (or four?) cities.
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Anniversary Celebration

I had such a great time last Feburary 8, when Nox and I celebrated our 5th anniversary together! YAY. I won’t elaborate as much and would let the photos speak for themselves but man, that Spiral at Sofitel was definitely worth it.
We also had a quick (a bit late) lunch at Lola Cafe + Bar of Dynamite ( Deep-fried green chill fingers and cheese with salsa dip) and Fish and Chips (Three pieces beer batter fish and homemade tartar sause). We deliberately ate lightly for lunch as we had a spa appointment right after. Then it was off to stuff ourselves (daintily).
I’ve also been dabbling at pointed pen calligraphy lately (and a bit of water-colour as well). For more about calligraphy, visit The Curious Calligrapher! They have a wealth of information for beginners and the calligraphy circle is very, very friendly. 🙂
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Mr. Jones, Greenbelt 5

The decision to have dinner here all stemmed from a sudden milkshake craving of my officemate. The ambiance looked incredibly warm and inviting, immediately resonating a strong American diner feel. Plus, there were games outside to pass the time while you wait for your food—mini foosball sets lined the outdoor tables, mason jars filled with a jack stones and pick-up-sticks were arranged neatly behind the reception podium. 
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