HongKong 2015—Bridal Shower Edition!

This trip happened more than two years ago, so consider this a throwback post if you will! I keep trying to breathe new life into my site and this revamp, relocation (I’m on WordPress now!), and redesign, might just do the trick. 😉 I can’t wait to share the highlights of all the trips I’ve taken plus so much more posts I’ve got planned along the way.

A lot of growing can occur in two years—and that includes photography skills (and change in equipment—Hello, Fujifilm!), style of travel, fashion, and a whole lot more, so enjoy some of the snippets from this trip we took from November 28-30, 2015.

I’ve been friends with these girls since we graduated high school back in 2007 and for reasons far too many to mention, we’ve never travelled abroad together until that year—right before one of us got married. So we all took this opportunity to celebrate her last year as a single woman and spent it in chilly Hong Kong! The bride-to-be (now, married, my business partner, and just gave birth to her first born son yesterday!!) booked us a hotel stay at Marco Polo Hotel and we loved staying there mostly due to the very convenient fact that a mall (or was it several malls?) was just immediately downstairs!

hong kong green wall elephant grounds store

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Taipei April 2014 Part Four

The last leg of our quick Taiwan getaway was right at our hotel’s backyard—Ximending. This colorful, bustling, urban maze was such a delight to get lost in. Ten out of ten, would definitely come back just to be able to see everything as the five or so hours we had in this district was too few!

As this was our final stop before heading to the airport, most of the NTD we had went to food, souvenirs, and more food! There were so many novelty themed restaurants there we would have loved to try if time permitted.

And now, finally—nineteen months since the actual trip, here’s part four of our Taipei adventure!

ice cream, taiwan, street market, ximending, matcha, green tea, nail polish

Cooling off, after our zoo escapade with green tea ice-cream.

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Taipei April 2014 Part Two

That was quite a hiatus in between this 3-parter post. My apologies—Work and life got a bit hectic. Actually, it still is. But I’ve been putting my updates on the back burner for faaar too long. So without further ado, might I, after a more than a month, present Taipei Part Two! 😀

On our way to Yong Kang St., we passed by THE original Din Tai Fung. This was actually the first ever branch that opened and its fame was absolutely palpable. Just look at that queue!

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Taipei April 2014 Part One

Taipei, Taiwan was quite the adventure—In many ways, this trip wasn’t like all the other trips I’ve planned (or micromanaged), seeing as I’ve had a relatively shorter time mapping everything out. This trip was more open-ended; more spontaneous; more susceptible to changes and spur-of-the-moment decisions (like suddenly visiting the zoo!).

It was kind of refreshing, not being bound by a physical to-do list I feel compelled to check off one by one. Of course, losing the actual physical copy of that list on the way to our first stop helped a lot.

My trip to Taiwan will surely be the first of many—There’s just simply too much things to see and do (night markets to cross off my list) that a few short days wouldn’t be enough!

I guess visualisation really works! I drew these giraffes on the plane bound for Taipei (copied off the latest issue of Smile magazine) not really anticipating that I’ll be actually meeting them on this trip.

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